The Portuguese Society for Laboratory Animal Science (SPCAL), in collaboration with the European Animal Research Association (EARA), is promoting a Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal, which aims to bring together all Portuguese Teaching and Research Institutions that use laboratory animals. The aim of the Transparency Agreement is to improve communication with the general public about the use of laboratory animals for scientific purposes, making it more transparent and scientifically assertive.

In this way, SPCAL is contacting various Institutions so that they can sign the Transparency agreement, at no cost to the institution.


The signatories of the Portuguese Transparency Agreement  agree to:

- Have a statement concerning animal welfare on the Institution's website.

- Link to the Transparency Agreement.

- Provide adequate information to the media and the general public on the conditions under which animal research is carried out and the results achieved.

- Develop initiatives that promote greater knowledge and understanding of society on the use of animals in scientific research.

- Report progress made every year and share experiences.


If you consider that your Institution would be interested in joining the Transparency Agreement on Animal Research in Portugal, please contact us at


The Board  of SPCAL.

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